about Ang

I don’t have a degree or fancy credentials. 
I haven’t been to culinary school and am not a chef. 

But, I am obsessed with food and have years of experience experimenting in the kitchen.  My obsession began as a little girl, in the kitchen with my mom, stirring and measuring.  As I got older, I started making up my own recipes… some good and some terrible but the fun was in the creating.  Then, I became a wife and mom.  The importance of healthful eating became my goal.  I read cookbooks like novels from cover to cover.  I’d spend hours creating the perfect dish only to have my three small children have a few bites then ask for blueberries and toast.  To appease my disappointment at their lack of appreciation, I volunteered my time as an amateur caterer.  I got to try out new recipes and was thrilled that people loved them. 

Those years of experience helped to hone my craft and to think about what type of catering inspired me.  Thru practice, I nearly perfected the dinner party for 40.  I planned, organized, shopped, and cooked.  I created spreadsheets and files of lists and menus.  I hosted birthdays and dinners at our house, each one more creative than the last. 

What I’ve learned is that I love the casual, light bite atmosphere.  It’s not as stuffy as a sit down dinner and people have more fun mingling rather than holding dinner conversation.  I thrive in that environment and have made it my mission to create the best light bite menus with fresh, some from my very own garden, ingredients.  For me, fork & pint is the perfect combination of my skill set and passion.  And, it’s a bonus that my partner, Tigg, is just as passionate about drinks as I am about food.
ps. You can find me writing at angela unraveledseed. sow. water. grow., and weeknight dinners